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  • Integrated Floor Systems has over 10 years’ experience installing, refinishing and consulting on exposed concrete floor finishes throughout the Kansas City metro and surrounding Kansas and Missouri area.

    We are industry experts in; concrete polishing, epoxy flooring, concrete floor trouble shooting, and concrete surface preparation and repair. Our concrete floor systems are designed for not only looks, but durability.

    We have consulted and designed specialty flooring finishes for various clients including major retailers to smaller commercial projects.  We feel that educating our customers and partnering with them to find the right flooring solution to minimize down time, maximize productivity all with safety and durability in mind is the right approach. Integrated Floor Systems constantly attends educational seminars, certification classes, and trade shows to be able to provide the most current solution to our clients exposed concrete flooring needs.  We work closely with our vendor partners to ensure that best practices are used.  We are continually concerned and aware of environmental impacts, VOC requirements and chemical components limits in accordance with the U.S. Green Building Council and LEED. Concrete floor finishes should never be an afterthought.  Whether you are searching for a Kansas City epoxy floor contractor or Kansas polished concrete flooring contractors, we can handle any sized commercial or industrial concrete flooring project.  We take into consideration factors such as traffic, temperature, use, chemical exposure, down time, and other factors into account to recommend a cost effective floor that meets your needs today and down the road.


  • All too often customers have various issues related to their concrete floor that needs to be addressed from both a functional and economical standpoint. Most contractors want to only take ‘easy’ jobs and not help customers overcome their issues. We have extensive experience solving various issues related to commercial and industrial concrete flooring issues. In fact, we have had the experience of consulting on over 25 million square feet in a given year for one of the largest consumers of concrete flooring in the world.

    It is estimated that about 6 out of every 10 concrete floors have problems. This is because concrete floors are manufactured ‘onsite’ and are subject to various construction variables including; wind, rain, tool breakdowns during the poor, improper tools at the pour, mix design miscommunication, construction traffic ,improper base material, improper floor jointing, improper curing, etc.   Concrete floors also deteriorate over time and need restored. We have helped customers overcome these variables without the added expense of tearing out and starting over. Most people don’t want to tear out thousands of square feet and have the added costs, facility shut down and construction delay when we can correct the issue and add value/performance at the same time. That is what we do.

    Some of our problem solving services include:

    • Fixing concrete floor sealants and coatings
    • Fixing trowel marks in concrete
    • Glue and mastic removal
    • Solutions for low FF and FL numbers
    • Removing pealing concrete paint
    • Removing stains and oils from concrete floors
    • Fixing uneven and damaged concrete joints for wheel and foot traffic



  • Polished concrete is an excellent option to carpeting, marble, granite or tile without the added cost of materials.   The existing concrete canvas can be transformed into a finished product that is “GREEN” and qualifies for LEED points.

    Polished concrete is being adopted by many retailers and warehouses due to its durability, low maintenance and its quality. There are many levels of gloss or sheen that can be achieved with concrete polishing; from a low sheen to a high reflective shine. The polishing process will also protect the floor from water, contaminants and will be more abrasion resistant. New slabs with a smooth finish or a floor with aggregate in the concrete mix can be made to look like terrazzo.


  • Epoxy flooring gives you what you expect from a floor coating, such as passing health code, durability, seamless, repels grease, non-slip, easy to clean, chemical resistant, UV,  , low to zero VOC and more comfortable if standing for long periods of time.  READ MORE

  • Integrated Floor Systems takes great care to prepare the concrete surface by:

    • Grinding the floor for proper surface profile with diamond tooling
    • Bead blasting when appropriate
    • Removing glues by using a biodegradable product that is safe for disposal
    • Repair cracks and defects using proven repair methods used in nationwide floor programs
    • Properly cleaning all debris from the floor


  • No floor surface is maintenance free.  How you service your concrete floor on a daily and periodic basis is where the majority of your savings will come from.  Keeping the floor clean will prolong the life of your concrete from wear.

    If your concrete floor is in poor condition due to the weather, high traffic or how it was originally prepared and polished, the concrete must be restored for aesthetics and safety. Scheduled floor maintenance will preserve the condition of your floor and save you costly repairs.


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