4 Major Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing for Kansas City Businesses


At Integrated Floor Systems, we know there are countless advantages in polishing concrete floors, however there are four advantages that may be of particular interest to companies located in the Kansas City metro area. These advantages give business owners the opportunity to save money, and also concern environmental impact. Polished concrete floors are beautiful, glossy, and perhaps most important of all, durable, making this type of flooring a great option for a wide array of applications and environments.kansas city polished concrete floor

When compared to Epoxy or VCT flooring options, concrete floor polishing is easier and costs less to maintain. In fact, overall you may experience maintenance costs that are about six times less than with other types of flooring. Why? Maintenance is simple – just mop or squeegee using water, which is simple considering the highly refined, smooth surface of polished concrete. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Your floors will be long lasting. When properly maintained, polished concrete floors last longer than any other flooring options available, adding to the cost effectiveness. While the shine can wear off over time depending on certain factors and the fact that polished concrete floors are generally refined to a high grit, this is easily resolved with a little refurbishing, and often does not require re-polishing of the entire floor. Break down of the floor’s surface can be kept in check by using walk off mats.

Highly durable. Concrete with no type of coating or polish is fairly durable, however during the polishing process chemicals penetrate the surface of the concrete and react with its properties, making an already durable material even more durable (harder) and dustproof. During the process of polishing a concrete floor, progressive diamond grits are used which refines the surface of the floor, making it extremely dense and tight. Considering polished concrete floors are widely used in manufacturing plants where heavy industrial machinery is used, distribution centers, and warehouses, you can imagine just how durable this type of floor actually is.

Polished concrete floors are a “green” solution. Water mopping or using a squeegee to maintain your floors means no harsh cleaning chemicals are needed. In addition, concrete floor polishing involves the use of chemicals that contain no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), and the existing substrate is used rather than VCT or epoxy. Talk about green! When it comes to industrial or commercial flooring, it just doesn’t get any greener than this.

These are four major benefits of concrete floor polishing for Kansas City business owners that demonstrate how you can enjoy a durable, easy to maintain floor that is cost-effective, and better for the environment. Concrete flooring solutions have become highly popular in recent years, and more and more businesses are moving toward polished concrete floors. Contact Integrated Floor Systems today for information on all of our flooring options!

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