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Polished Concrete: The Alternative to Epoxy Coatings for Aircraft Hangars

If you are a commercial airline, military or a corporation you probably have an aircraft hangar and more importantly your hangar has a concrete floor. Most airline hangar floors are coated in epoxy because epoxy is a great solution. Now whether your epoxy coating is looking a little duller than it was when it was …


Chapter 3: The Epoxy Materials

Professional v DYI Epoxy Materials¬† Many paints are available for garage floors, but they will not hold up to the wear and tear of hot tires and chemicals that are bound to test the durability of your coating. The coatings found in DIY kits are actually quite inferior to the products we use. Professionals use …


Chapter 2: Epoxy Garage Flooring: The Prep Work

Difference #1: The Prep Work Whether the concrete is new or decades old, the longevity of any coating system begins with the preparation of the concrete surface prior to the application of the actual chemicals. Acid etching is a common technique included in DIY kits, but it lacks; The ability to properly prepare tightly troweled …


So, you want an Epoxy Garage Floor…Now What?

You have wanted to get your garage floor coated for months now, but you are unsure whether you should spend the money to hire a professional contractor or get a DIY epoxy garage coating kit. This guide is designed to give you, the homeowner, a comparison between the two so you know precisely what to …


Professional epoxy floor coating or Paint? Which should I Choose for my Garage Floor in Kansas City?

As a home or business owner in the Kansas City area, you may have considered several different products for giving your garage floor a makeover.¬† In fact, you may be confused about all of the various terms used to describe these products – epoxy coatings, epoxy paint, concrete paint, etc.¬† Are these products basically the …


Restoration of Concrete Floors by Kansas City flooring experts

At Integrated Floor Systems, we understand that although concrete is one of the most durable materials that can be used in flooring, there may still come a time when repairs must be made, or an entire floor could use a little refurbishing or rehabilitation. How the concrete floor is restored depends on the issues involved. …


Mitigating Potential Moisture Issues in Concrete Flooring

Whether in a commercial, industrial, or residential setting, moisture can be a problem with concrete floors. In fact, approximately $1 billion dollars is spent each year on failure of floors caused by moisture. As trusted Kansas City concrete flooring professionals, we have provided some information below to help you determine whether trouble may be lurking, …