Bars, Pubs and Taverns

Integrated Floor Systems provides a durable, seamless, slip-resistant surface with excellent chemical and stain resistance. Designed for low maintenance – no waxing required. Create attractive designs using single or multiple colors decorative chip or metallic epoxy.

Benefits to Epoxy Flooring in Bars, Pubs and Taverns

  • Stain resistant, sanitary surfaces that are both beautiful and long-lastingbar flooring kansas city
  • Slip-resistance to suit various areas of the facility
  • Impermeable finishes that are non-odor absorbing
  • Flooring free of grout lines that look dirty
  • Cleans up easily with a broom or mop and bucket
  • Highly chemical and stain-resistant
  • Industrial strength high wear systems that are unparalleled in their long-wear characteristics

IFS Metallic Epoxy System

  • Metallic Finish
  • All the benefits of epoxy coating
  • Excellent color marble
  • Can go over even the most damaged concrete floors sucessfully

IFS Epoxy Flake System

  • Flake Finish
  • Professional floor coating system
  • Many flake color choices available
  • Suitable in many chemical exposure environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics

IFS Solid Epoxy System

  • Solid Color Finish
  • Suitable in many chemical environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • High build coating systems
  • Perfect for floors that have previous damage