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Polished Concrete: The Alternative to Epoxy Coatings for Aircraft Hangars

If you are a commercial airline, military or a corporation you probably have an aircraft hangar and more importantly your hangar has a concrete floor. Most airline hangar floors are coated in epoxy because epoxy is a great solution. Now whether your epoxy coating is looking a little duller than it was when it was …


Glossy Sealer or Matte Sealer for Concrete Floors?

When it comes to sealer for concrete floors in your Kansas City home or business, which is best? While many people believe it is simply a matter of personal taste and/or preference, there are actually a few factors you should consider when it comes to choosing a glossy or matte sealer. At Integrated Floor Systems, …


4 Major Benefits of Concrete Floor Polishing for Kansas City Businesses

At Integrated Floor Systems, we know there are countless advantages in polishing concrete floors, however there are four advantages that may be of particular interest to companies located in the Kansas City metro area. These advantages give business owners the opportunity to save money, and also concern environmental impact. Polished concrete floors are beautiful, glossy, …


Polishing Concrete Floors With the Right Tools

Whether you’re a contractor or other Kansas City business owner with concrete floors that are in need of polishing, the job can be much easier with the right tools and attachments. Whether a polished concrete floor exists in an airport, commercial or industrial building, business office, retail establishment, or any other industry, these can be …


Is a Polished Concrete Floor Suitable for Your Application?

In recent years, polished concrete floors and concrete floors sealed with special coatings have become all the rage, both in commercial and retail settings. Not too many years ago, the primary flooring options were laminate flooring, linoleum, tile, and VCT. How times have changed! Polished concrete floors are suitable in many applications, and are not …