Chapter 2: Epoxy Garage Flooring: The Prep Work


Difference #1: The Prep Work

Whether the concrete is new or decades old, the longevity of any coating system begins with the preparation of the concrete surface prior to the application of the actual chemicals. Acid etching is a common technique included in DIY kits, but it lacks;

  • The ability to properly prepare tightly troweled surfaces.
  • It also cannot remove many of the substances that already have tarnished your concrete – such as existing paint, concrete sealers, or motor oil and other contaminants.
  • Cleaning with water and chemicals adds moisture to the slab. An enemy of coatings during installation.

All of these substances will decrease or alleviate the ability of the DIY coating to stick to the concrete.

INTERESTING FACT:  We have never used muriatic acid to clean or prep a floor!

As a result, the homeowner will quickly notice “pox” marks or chips in their newly coated surface – many of which could have been prevented by properly preparing the concrete.

Conversely, the preparation of your concrete floor by a professional is going to be much more thorough because professionals have the tools to get it done right. It is our goal to ensure that the coating actually adheres to the concrete. In fact, the coating’s bond should be so strong to the concrete that if you pull hard enough on the coating, the concrete should break away!

A professional will use a mechanical preparation method, such as diamond grinding or abrasive blasting. This opens the top surface of the concrete floor removing any substances or sealants and makes the concrete porous again. This process allows the coating to properly adhere to the concrete and not simply lay over the top of it.  Also you can rent a concrete grinder in Kansas City if you want to prep the concrete yourself.


Integrated Floor System uses industrial strength grinders for all projects. As seen in back the HEPA vacuum located behind the employee is to make sure the dust does not become airborne.

We attach HEPA filtered vacuums to our grinders so that the dust and any contaminants are contained and don’t become airborne

Prep work requires not only grinding your concrete floor but also filling in any crack repairs.

Prep work requires not only grinding your concrete floor but also filling in any crack repairs.

Our prep work also includes filling in any cracks and fixing any areas that need addressed.

The result is preparation that will allow a coating that won’t peel, crack or chip away from your concrete floor.  We not only say it…. we warranty it!

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