Chapter 3: The Epoxy Materials


Professional v DYI Epoxy Materials 


DYI epoxy floor gone wrong.

Many paints are available for garage floors, but they will not hold up to the wear and tear of hot tires and chemicals that are bound to test the durability of your coating. The coatings found in DIY kits are actually quite inferior to the products we use. Professionals use a coating system that is made from epoxies, urethanes or hybrids of the two, while the substance found in a DIY kit is more like a fortified latex paint. It just will not hold up over time. The garage floor epoxy coating we apply in your home is true, industrial-strength epoxy – not paint that’s been fortified with epoxy. This is the same coating we’ve used in airplane hangars, heavy trucking facilities and other commercial facilities. If it can hold up to those heavy vehicles, it can certainly handle anything you drive on it.




Mixing professional epoxy


A professional coating system will feature multiple layers. The first layer – the “base coat” – is designed for high adhesion to the concrete and may also be the binder for decorative chips. (which pro-vides additional anti-skid protection).






Integrated Floor System “stock” flake colors.

The second layer – the “top coat” – is a clear coating. It is formulated for abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance. This coating provides tremendous protection against scratches, chips and stains.  Customers can choose from our standard clear or the ultimate clear…. a quick drying polyaspartic.   Our coatings will keep your floor looking good year after year.


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