IFS Polished Concrete 2: Satin Concrete Floor Finish

Integrated Floor Systems is a commercial polished concrete contractor that provides multiple functional, economical and stunning polished concrete floor systems.

The IFS level 2 system produces a matte to satin sheen floor finish.  This flooring option greatly enhances old floors and makes new floors look fantastic. Many retailers use this option on new floors because it produces a great surface sheen, provides an easily maintainable surface, and is extremely affordable compared to other flooring options such as VCT that needs constant waxing. Color / Dye can be added to this option to add a translucent color to the floor which gives the customer some design autonomy for their facility.

commercial polished concrete

Satin Sheen Concrete Floor Finish Process Includes:

  • Cleaning of the floor, repairs as requested.
  • At least 2 diamond tool steps, application of an impregnating concrete hardner/densifier.
  • An optional application of a final floor guard for added spill and stain protection.
  • Level 2 provides a matte to satin finish sheen level, typically 10 to 20 points on a 60 degree gloss meter. (new floors poured and finished correctly may see higher numbers)
  • Color dye can be added to this system. (Our color goes “into” the floor, not just staining the top like other systems”)