concrete floor repair

Although concrete is one of the most durable building materials, it will likely need to be repaired at some time. Cracks, joint differences, bolt holes, etc. can also compromise function, safety and cleanliness. Integrated Floor Systems uses only state of the art professional grade products for concrete repairs and professionally installs the products.


Typically concrete cracks are due slab movement, improper base material or various other causes that will result in minor cracks. Surface delamination, pop out and spalls are other typical repairs we can address.   The first step is to evaluate the damage and choose the best product to repair the concrete, prepare the concrete and finally, install the product best suited for the “exact” repair using detailed procedures that have proven effective.


  1. Concrete floor joints
  2. Uneven joints
  3. Crack repair
  4. Spalls
  5. Pitted concrete floors
  6. Damaged concrete areas


There are a few questions we ask when evaluating your concrete floor cracks and other types of concrete floor repair:
A  What is the use of the concrete floor?
B  When are acceptable times for a crew to make repairs?
C  Is the concrete defect more of a danger, an aesthetic problem or structural concern?
D Is the slab moving or rocking?

We offer a number of new technology commercial products to repair concrete. Depending on the size of the cracks, pits, or other defects:
1.  low pressure injection of epoxy
2.  polyurethane (polyurea)  fillers
3.  concrete epoxy
4.  2 component structural urethanes

Repairs done correctly can extend the life of a concrete floor and restore its functional use.  Please contact us for an evaluation.