Concrete Floor Sealing Services

Although concrete is a durable product, it is porous and over time if concrete is not sealed it will absorb water or other liquids and in freeze-thaw situations it will expand and crack.  Sealing concrete floors is important and so is choosing the right concrete floor sealer.

Unfortunately many people, unbeknownst to them, choose floor sealers that are not fitted to their situation and end up with a poorly performing floor.  This cost way more money compared to calling Integrated Floor Systems initially.

Did you know there are different products used for concrete sealing? There are products available specifically for interior concrete and exterior concrete. We have extensive experience with concrete sealing interior floors and use only the best professional grade products matched to the correct situation.

Sealing concrete protects and maintains its appearance from:

  • stains
  • dust
  • abrasion
  • chemicals
  • freeze-thaw weather
  • water

The following are top four types of concrete sealers:

1.        Penetrating Sealers (includes: silanes, siloxanes and silicates)

Penetrating sealers react chemically to protect the concrete against moisture and de-icing chemicals. This sealer protects the concrete without changing the surface, little to no sheen is produced by these products.  Penetrating sealers are perfect for indoor and outdoor concrete.

2.        Acrylic Sealer:

Acrylic forms a thin film on the concrete and is available as a solvent or as water based formula. This product works for both interior and exterior concrete, is economical, enhances the look of concrete and can dry within the hour.   Acrylics are respectively less expensive.  Acrylics also perform well outside.  However, they do not wear as well as polyurethanes or epoxy floor sealers.

3.        Polyurethane Sealer:

Polyurethane sealers are highly abrasive resistant. This product works on interior and exterior concrete and a great product for high traffic areas and is available in levels of sheen, is transparent and does not yellow.  Polyurethanes typically receive a coat of epoxy

4.        Epoxy Sealer:

Epoxy is a high build protective film for concrete. Works well in high traffic areas and also available in various colors.  Epoxy works best in interior areas and has no odor. Sealing your concrete will extend the life of the concrete from pitting, abrasion and makes it easier to maintain.