concrete grinding and leveling

Concrete Grinding & Concrete Leveling

Does your floor have a noticeable dip that causes a hazard for your employees or makes it difficult for traffic?  Are there imperfections left behind by the concrete finisher?  Integrated Floor Systems has the equipment and experience to grind and correct your concrete floor.


Are you experiencing one or more of these problems with your concrete floor?

1.  Reinforcing bar to close to the surface causing the cement to crack?
2.  Humps or ridges left by the concrete finishers?
3.  Cracks or saw cut joints expanding or contracting?
4.  Trowel marks?
5.  Is the unevenness of your concrete floor an eyesore or making it difficult for the traffic to run safely?


Concrete grinding the floor is a great option and more cost effective than removing and replacing the slab.We utilize specialized grinding and leveling techniques to help you achieve the desired FF (Floor Flatness) and/or FL (floor levelness) factors.  If you want a more finished look the grinding process can also be continued to bring the concrete to a high sheen polished look with our polished concrete systems.

We DO NOT use rental store equipment.  We perform concrete grinding tasks on a daily basis.  It takes a specialized knowledge to know how to properly grind with diamond tooling.  Don’t guess and spend a lot of money on diamonds, time, and under powered rental equipment.  Call us so we can save you time and money with our concrete grinding and concrete leveling services.