epoxy garage

commercial concrete floor checklist

Common Uses

Why Epoxy Coatings?

  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-Slip
  • UV, heat and chemically resistant
  • Low to zero VOC
  • Static Control Available
  • More comfortable if standing for long periods of time
epoxy flake kansas city
  • Flake Finish
  • Professional floor coating system
  • Many flake color choices available
  • Suitable in many chemical exposure environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics
solid epoxy kansas city
  • Solid Color Finish
  • Suitable in many chemical environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • High build coating systems
  • Perfect for floors that have previous damage
concrete clear coat kansas city
  • Clear Finish
  • Professional grade system
  • Provides a clear coating over concrete floors
  • Great for old floors
metallic epoxy kansas city
  • Metallic Finish
  • All the benefits of epoxy coating
  • Excellent color marble
  • Can go over even the most damaged concrete floors sucessfully

Kansas City Epoxy Flooring

Integrated Floor Systems is an epoxy flooring contractor and will suggest the best epoxy floor coatings system for your floors needs. We specialize in industrial floor coatings and use only commercial/industrial grade high tech epoxy systems; you will not find these products at your local home improvement store which typically sells epoxy floor paint.

Epoxy flooring gives you what you expect from a floor coating, such as passing health code, durability, seamless, repels grease, non-slip, easy to clean, chemical resistant, UV, low to zero VOC and more comfortable if standing for long periods of time.

Check out our epoxy work gallery.