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If you have an auto repair shop, industrial warehouse, commercial kitchen, or other business in the Kansas City area and are considering epoxy flooring, it’s vital you choose professionals for the installation process who understand how epoxy floors may “fail,” or in other words peel or flake if not installed properly, and how to prevent this. When done right, this type of flooring is extremely durable, chemical resistant, and easy to maintain, giving you years of enjoyment.

Applying any type of floor to a concrete slab can be problematic. Think of it this way; have you ever attempted to paint a brightly colored wall white? Without a good primer or a base coat of Kilz, you probably found out you were attempting a much bigger job than you had really intended to get yourself in to. Painting a bright blue or red wall white without using the right primer or base coat is just asking for trouble. The same is true with the installation of an epoxy coating on a concrete floor; if you don’t do the job right, what you end up with is failure – a floor coating that peels, cracks, and flakes. How to prevent this?

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re installing wood, tile, laminate, or an epoxy coating or other type of flooring system over concrete; the real problem is not having the proper surface profile for the material to properly adhere or bond. Thankfully, there is a solution. In order to have the proper concrete surface profile (CSP), diamond tooling needs to be utilized.  For concrete floors diamond tools are mounted to the bottom of concrete grinding machines.  The proper grit of diamond for a floor to receive an epoxy floor is selected…typically a 16 or 30 grit.  The floor is then ground until a matte finish (white out) appears and the floor has all of the prior contaminates removed.  By far, the main reasons epoxy coatings have an issue down the road is improper prep.  We rent diamond grinding tooling, or you can hire us to properly prep your floor.concrete grinder for rent kansas city

Epoxy flooring systems have become hugely popular in recent years for many reasons – their affordability, durability, the fact that they are seamless and therefore more sanitary, resistance to chemicals, heat, and UV rays, non-slip, comfortable for standing, and more. Anyone who has ever stood on a concrete or ceramic tile floor for a few hours understands the pain you can experience in your legs, feet, and even lower back!

For seamless epoxy floor installations, additional primers can be used.  Although these are not necessary in ALL situations, they do help with outgassing, especially in solid color coatings.

If you’re thinking about having an epoxy flooring system installed in your Kansas City business, be sure to choose professionals who are dedicated to outstanding results and your satisfaction. At Integrated Floor Systems, we are the experts in polished and stained concrete floors, epoxy coatings, floor sealing, and concrete floor repair and maintenance. Give us a call today!

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