Glossy Sealer or Matte Sealer for Concrete Floors?


When it comes to sealer for concrete floors in your Kansas City home or business, which is best? While many people believe it is simply a matter of personal taste and/or preference, there are actually a few factors you should consider when it comes to choosing a glossy or matte sealer. At Integrated Floor Systems, our goal is to provide the facts you need to make an informed decision, one that you will be satisfied with for years to come.

Consider cleaning and upkeep

Certainly a glossy finish is beautiful, but what about maintenance? High gloss concrete floors reveal scuff marks more than a matte floor, so be aware that maintaining the floor may require a bit more work. On a high gloss concrete floor, areas that have high traffic may become more hazy than those with a matte finish. However, a glossy sealer will make the floor easier to clean, important to many people.

Ultimately, a matte concrete floor sealer will hide imperfections better than a glossy sealer, and it doesn’t show dirt as easily. For floors that are not perfectly even or level, matte sealers are effective for concealing the unevenness, while a high-gloss finish will only emphasize the problem.

Visual effects, color, and more

The general consensus of most home and business owners is that one sealer isn’t necessarily more popular than the other. For some, the matte finish looks more natural; for others, a high-shine is what’s important, regardless of the quality of the concrete or whether it is level. Do you want super shiny floors and lots of pizzazz, or floors that blend in with their surroundings and don’t highlight imperfections? The choice is really one that is personal.

In some instances, a mix of gloss and matte can be effective for creating visual effects, such as in a foyer or entrance where a rug would normally be placed. In a commercial setting, it can be very effective to seal concrete floors with a matte finish, then use a glossy sealer on a logo. This is one solution that works effectively when you don’t want to change up colors.

Want your concrete design and stain to “pop” and attract attention? In this case, a high-gloss sealer will make it possible to achieve color hues that are more vibrant. Glossy floors are more reflective, a fact that many business owners are aware of. The more reflective your concrete floor, the less light you will need because of the floor’s reflective properties.

Other situations call for a matte sealer, such as in settings such as restaurants where windows face the south. No restaurant owner want floors to “blind” customers, and floors that are too glossy may result in the need for addition window coverings to eliminate an overabundance of light reflectivity.

While everyone loves a glossy, high-shine concrete floor, there are circumstances in which matte is a better option. This is particularly true when you desire a natural stone appearance. On the other hand, when you want a room to appear larger than it actually is, a high gloss works in dark rooms because of the reflection of lighting. There are many variables to consider when choosing a glossy or matte sealer for concrete floors.

Need help deciding which is best for your concrete floors? At Integrated Floor Systems, concrete floors are our business. For expert guidance on polished concrete, sealers, and more for your Kansas City home or business, give us a call today!

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