Calculate how many linear feet of joints your project has.

Integrated Floor Systems offers joint filling and joint sealing services.  Our employees are trained and certified to install various joint filler/sealer systems.


  • Withstands heavy wheel traffic
  • Protects joint edges
  • Flexibility to withstand joint movement
  • Protection from moisture
  • Protects from debris intrusion


Saw cuts and interior random cracks are filled with rigid filler which supports the edges of the cuts in structures with heavy traffic.  Before repairs are made it is best to determine the cause of the problem, the best repair strategy and the type of filling material to be used. Integrated Floor Systems uses 100% solids, flexible, two components, rapid curing polyurea joint filler that is designed for 10-15% movement of installed joint with for concrete cured of 30 days or more.


Sealing joint occurs when there are random cracks, contraction joints, control joints or new construction joints on new or old horizontal concrete surfaces for such spaces as parking decks, pedestrian decks and bridge decks to name a few. Integrated Floor Systems uses a 100% solids, flexible, two component, rapid curing polyurea elastomer joint sealant that is designed for 25% movement of installed joint width, and recommended for concrete that has cured for 30 days or more.