IFS Polished Concrete 1: Matte Concrete Floor Finish

Integrated Floor Systems provides an array of commercial polished concrete solutions.

The IFS level 1 is our system for those who want to clean up their concrete floor and protect it for long-term. This system makes old floors easy to clean and adds service life and protection to new floors.  Many refer to this as “densify and burnish” for new floors it provides a matte sheen for polished concrete floors.  This floor system is often used in warehouses and shops where owners are concerned about cost, but need to improve the aesthetics and clean ability of their floor.  If you want to clean up your floor and not have the headache of topical sealers this system is for you.

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Matte Sheen Polished Concrete Process Includes:

  • Cleaning of the floor, which may include coating removal, patching as requested.
  • Followed by an application of impregnating concrete hardner/densifier.
  • An application of concrete floor guard can be added to the final finish if desired.
  • Level 1 provides a matte finish sheen level, typically around 10 points on a 60 degree gloss meter.