Moisture Testing

At Integrated Floor Systems, we are happy to provide moisture testing services for Kansas City companies using the Rapid RH system to ensure compliance with ASTM F2170 standards. Give us a call today, and rest assured you will get accurate, reliable results for your flooring project.

Relative humidity plays a huge role in the moisture content of concrete, and its reaction. At Integrated Floor Systems, we now have a reliable, professional method of testing the relative humidity of concrete flooring to ensure it is in compliance with ASTM F2170 standards, which includes three key components including traceability, calibration, and documentation. Essentially, we have the equipment to provide your business with accurate, reliable readings, NIST (National Institute of Standards) traceability, and thorough, complete documentation for each relative humidity reading taken, and where/when sensors were used.

Flooring projects can be delayed because of the moisture caused by relative humidity; in fact, companies often find they have to delay construction or spend hours on repairs before installing flooring on concrete. The ASTM F2170 RH specification is the most accurate method of measuring concrete moisture today, and supports the latest global standard of measuring. We can provide you with a system that gives you confidence and assurance in regards to knowing for certain when concrete is sufficiently dry to install flooring.

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The fact is, in the flooring industry moisture in concrete is a huge issue. Many flooring materials are sensitive to moisture, and the result will be poor adherence. Business owners, or more particularly the general or flooring contractors who will be installing flooring need to know when a concrete floor is dry enough for the installation of flooring. In addition, contractors must know that the concrete slab is drying, and how the process is progressing. This is important for project scheduling purposes, and most importantly, flooring installation success.