IFS Polished Concrete 4: High Gloss Concrete Floor Finish

The IFS level 4 finish is one of our “full grind and polish” polished concrete solutions. This system provides a high sheen polished concrete floor finish. It will not only produce high gloss/reflectivity numbers, but also mirror colors from the objects surrounding the floor. This system offers the ultimate in aesthetics and durability. This system is for both old and new floors.

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High Sheen Polished Concrete Finish Process Includes:

  • Cleaning of the floor, repairs as requested.
  • 6 plus diamond tool steps.
  • Application of an impregnating concrete hardner/densifier, and an optional application of a final floor guard for added spill and stain protection.
  • Level 4 provides a gloss finish sheen level, typically 30 points or greater on a 60 degree gloss meter.
  • Color dye can be added to this system. (Our color goes “into” the floor, not just staining the top like other systems”)