Polished Concrete: The Alternative to Epoxy Coatings for Aircraft Hangars


If you are a commercial airline, military or a corporation you probably have an aircraft hangar and more importantly your hangar has a concrete floor. Most airline hangar floors are coated in epoxy because epoxy is a great solution. Now whether your epoxy coating is looking a little duller than it was when it was first installed or you’re looking for something new there is an alternative to recoating that concrete floor!

Polished Concrete!

Polished concrete is becoming more and more popular in many facilities from industrial to retail for its durability and easy/low cost maintenance. It is suitable for almost any environment that does not require a severe chemical or acid resistance.

So what will the polished concrete provide for your aircraft hangar?

  • Superior clean abilitykansas city polished concrete floor
  • Longer life cycle than an epoxy floor
  • Extreme durability
  • Excellent reflectivity

Polished concrete for aircraft hangers is becoming increasingly popular because it looks great and provides excellent reflectivity for lighting in the hanger – a step in a greener direction.

However, if epoxy coatings are what you are looking for please refer to Integrated Floor Systems Epoxy Coatings for Aircraft Hangars. We also provide safety and traffic markings if needed.

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