Benefits of Polished Concrete

Polished concrete is 40% harder and more abrasive. These floor systems provide a floor surface that isn’t easily scratched, stained or damaged.

Polished concrete offers the longest life cycle in the flooring industry; anywhere from 5-10 years. The one-time installation is typically lower in cost than other floor coverings and there is no down time waiting for the floor to cure. Maintenance is a breeze and requires very little effort and cost.

Integrated Floor Systems concrete floor equipment filters out 99.9% of all airborne dust. As with granite and other hard surfaces the process uses progressively finer grits of diamonds to produce a highly polished surface with no coatings, wax or urethanes.

Meeting OSHA’s recommendation of a coefficient of friction slip resistance of .5 or better.

Once used primarily in industrial applications due to its practical benefits, polished concrete is now becoming very popular in retail, schools, offices, and homes due to its natural beauty.

Completely Green…
Polished concrete enhances the structural slab to provide an aesthetically pleasing, highly reflective surface. There is no consumption of additional petroleum based materials to cover the floor.

Low Maintenance…
Polished Concrete requires no waxing and stripping, or caustic chemicals to sustain its shine. Simply use a soft bristle brush, or red or white janitorial pad, under an autoscrubber with warm water to remove daily debris.

warehouse floor finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Impregnating concrete densifer/hardner application
  • Floor guard protector application
  • Floor grinding and coating removal
  • IFS “Old Floor, easy to clean” method
  • Satin Finish
  • Impregnating concrete densifer/hardner application
  • Floor guard protector application
  • 2+ diamond tool grinding steps
  • IFS "Low cost solution for protecting and enhancing new floors."
  • Gloss Finish
  • Impregnating concrete densifer/hardner application
  • Floor guard protector application
  • 4+ diamond tool grinding steps
  • IFS "Hybrid polished concrete" method.
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Impregnating concrete densifer/hardner application
  • Floor guard protector application
  • 6+ diamond grinding tool steps
  • IFS’s "Full gloss and polished" method.

Polished Concrete Floors

Industrial polished concrete is an excellent option to carpeting, marble, granite or tile without the added cost of materials. The existing concrete canvas can be transformed into a finished products that is GREEN and qualifies for LEED points

Polished concrete is being adopted by many retailers and warehouses due to its durability, low maintenance and its quality. There are many levels of gloss or sheen that can be achieved with concrete polishing; from a low sheen to a high reflective shine. The polishing process will also protect the floor from water, contaminants and will be more abrasion resistant. New slabs with a smooth finish or a floor with aggregate in the concrete mix can be made to look like terrazzo.

Integrated Floor Systems is a polished concrete contractor who specializes in industrial polished concrete and warehouse floor finish. If you have an old concrete floor in an industrial or commercial space it can be brought back to life with our heavy duty commercial diamond impregnated polishing machines. We also utilize densifiers and sealers made to protect your floor for the long term with minimal maintenance.