problem solving

Problem Solving & Solutions For Concrete Floors

A concrete floor isn’t and shouldn’t be treated as a “concrete floor”. Many times we have found that long term planning, wrong product selection, or a bad recommendation from an inexperienced contractor can cause a concrete floor to perform poorly given the use and/or not perform at all causing not only a burden to the business function, but an unexpected financial burden as well.

Integrated Floor Systems has had millions of square feet of experience consulting with national flooring programs. We now bring that problem solving experience to serve primarily the Kansas City and Midwest market. Our range of knowledge exceeds most other contractors that simply ‘show up and apply’.

Our philosophy is to educate our customers about various possible options given their concrete flooring situation so they are in the best situation possible. We feel that an open, honest approach to business is the best possible situation for both our clients and us to operate.

We assist our clients with all sorts of concrete floor ‘problem solving’ situations;

  • Wrong product application selection by prior contractors
  • Poorly applied products by prior contractors
  • Finish work others can’t/couldn’t finish

Let us assist you with your interior concrete flooring situation.