Professional epoxy floor coating or Paint? Which should I Choose for my Garage Floor in Kansas City?


As a home or business owner in the Kansas City area, you may have considered several different products for giving your garage floor a makeover.  In fact, you may be confused about all of the various terms used to describe these products – epoxy coatings, epoxy paint, concrete paint, etc.  Are these products basically the same thing, or is there a difference?  Hopefully the information below will help clear up some of the confusion about these products.


Some people refer to epoxy coatings as ‘epoxy paint’ simply because it is applied in the same manner as paint, usually with a roller.  However, epoxy is not a paint, and products called concrete paint are really not epoxy coatings.  Some paint products used to coat garage floors do contain a small amount of epoxy, however these products are actually a latex acrylic product.  Garage floor paints that contain some epoxy may provide better adhesion and more durability, however these products are not comparable to epoxy coatings.  As far as aesthetics, durability, and longevity are concerned, there is simply no equal to quality epoxy coatings installed by experienced, skilled professionals.


Can you makeover your garage floor yourself using epoxy paint kits available at many stores?  While you may be someone who likes to do it yourself, using these kits is not recommended.  The products available at home improvement stores usually contain less than 50% solids, which means that once the floor in your garage has cured, you only get approximately half of the product you would get with a true epoxy coating applied by professionals.  The quality is also lacking substantially, so you may find the results disappointing and less durable.


What are true epoxy coatings comprised of?  Two components make up quality epoxy coatings; these include epoxy resin, and polyamine hardener.  Before applying to the garage floor, these two components must be mixed properly for exceptional, lasting results.


In addition, the garage floor must be properly prepared prior to application of the epoxy coating.  When you have professionals install this type of flooring in your Kansas City residential or commercial garage, you can rely on a floor that is durable, seamless, easy to clean, non-slip, and resistant to chemicals, heat, and UV light.  In a commercial situation, many businesses choose epoxy coatings for their garage floors because of the increased comfort for standing.  Our epoxy flake system is the most popular system for epoxy floor coatings in Kansas City.  This system utilizes a minimum of two coats of epoxy and the epoxy color flake color choices make it customize any floor.

epoxy garage floor kansas city

epoxy flake garage floor


Hopefully you now understand the difference between epoxy coating and garage floor paint products.  For a truly professional result you will enjoy for years, rely on the professionals at Integrated Floor Systems.  Our services are affordable, and we use only top quality, industrial/commercial grade epoxy systems not available in home improvement or supply stores.

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