Stadium Hallways

Integrated Floor Systems provides an attractive appearance while providing a safe, slip-resistant and excellent wear resistant surface.  Excellent stain resistance ensures easy cleaning.  UV resistant for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Benefits of Epoxy Coatings in Stadium Hallways/Stairwells

  • stadium flooring optionsSlip resistance to help mitigate hazards caused by slippery shoes and inclement weather
  • Superior abrasion resistance for high-traffic areas
  • Ease of maintenance and cleanability
  • Resistance to abrasive soil brought in from outdoors
  • Resistance to caustic street salt for climates with seasonally snowy or icy weather

IFS Solid Epoxy System

  • Solid Color Finish
  • Suitable in many chemical environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • High build coating systems
  • Perfect for floors that have previous damage

IFS Epoxy Flake System

  • Flake Finish
  • Professional floor coating system
  • Many flake color choices available
  • Suitable in many chemical exposure environments
  • Excellent wear characteristics