Integrated Floor Systems provides 4 polished concrete systems that benefits the owner by reducing costs to maintain the floor, reducing dust throughout the area, slip-resistance of .5 or better to meet OSHA standards and reducing the energy consumption by giving the floor a reflective surface.

Benefits of Polished Concrete in Stadiums

  • polished concrete stadiumsUsing polished concrete floors in commercial or retail premises make it a far more cost effective option when compared to any other material that can be used as a floor covering, and this is highlighted by its significantly lower maintenance cost.
  • Commercial or retail polished concrete floors are far more resistant to regular use, for example in areas of high footfall and traffic.
  • Polished concrete floors have an extended lifespan when compared to most other materials used for floor coverings, meaning your investment will have longevity.
  • Commercial and retail polished concrete floors have the added benefit of being resistant to moisture transmission.
  • For the owners of hotels, restaurants, airports etc, commercial and retail polished concrete floors have high reflectivity.
  • Polished floors do not require any additional covering, coating or adhesive.