Why Stained Concrete Floors are a Good Option for Kansas City Businesses


Stained concrete floors are not only environmentally friendly and low maintenance, they’re also durable and extremely beautiful. At Integrated Floor Systems, we wanted to educate Kansas City business owners regarding the many advantages of choose stained concrete flooring.

By now, nearly every business knows the drawbacks of carpet, particularly for allergy sufferers. Carpets can be vacuumed, steam cleaned, and still, dust mites and other debris lurk below the surface. If you have ever pulled carpeting up from a floor, you know how nasty it can be, regardless of how diligent you are about cleaning. Basically, carpet is something you do over and over and over again. Stained concrete floors are completely smooth, so there is nowhere for dust, dirt, pollen, or bacteria to hide! They are also longer lasting than carpet.

A few of the benefits:

Cost-effective over the long term. Initially, the cost of stained concrete floors is substantially less than what you would pay for hardwood floors. Typically a stained concrete floor is a little more than a cheap commercial carpet initially. Even then, concrete doesn’t need replacing, and stains often last a lifetime. These types of floors are easy on your budget!


Highly durable. Think about it; what substance is more durable than concrete? Wood floors can crack, chip, fade, and even mold on the underneath side. Carpet has to be replaced over and over again. Stained concrete floors are extremely durable, and a great value for your money.

A good choice for those concerned about the environment. Concrete is a good green flooring option because it helps maintain a consistent temperature in your home due to the fact it is slow to warm and slow to cool; this means lower heating/cooling costs for you! Unlike with carpet, tile, wood, or other flooring options, you’ll never have to remove concrete to be thrown in a landfill. Your concrete foundation already exists in your home, so there is no manufacturing energy required as there is with carpet or engineered wood.

With this type of flooring system, nearly any look can be achieved depending on your design preferences. From mottling effects that are similar to the appearance of granite or marble to bold accents, you enjoy a floor that won’t peel away, fade, or flake. Stains penetrate deep into the surface of concrete, which has its own “flaws.” This can make for a very distinct look, one that’s rich and even dramatic, depending on the colors you choose. There is truly no other floor system that offers the versatility of concrete!

Stained concrete floors are simply a low cost easy to maintain floor, as well as durable and beautiful. Many of the stains used today are water based, which produce little or no odor during the application process. Dust mite, fungus, and formaldehyde free, you can enjoy a truly clean floor that requires only sweeping and damp mopping with water to maintain!

Ready to learn if your Kansas City business is a good candidate for stained concrete floors? Give Integrated Floor Systems a call today!

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