stained concrete

Durability, functionality, an elegant look and most of all …budget friendly, is what you will get when you use concrete staining and seal your industrial, commercial, and residential or office concrete floor. The stained floors mimic the look of polished marble, leather or granite etc.

When the concrete stain is applied by a highly experienced professional, who properly prepares the floor, applies the stain and uses the proper sealer, the floor will be durable.  Best of all it will always be clean and easy to clean and best of all it is very economical.

Integrated Floor Systems uses only the best commercial/industrial products that will give your floor top notch performance.  We also believe in using environmentally grade, friendly produced products whenever possible.

The steps to a stained concrete floor:

  1. Prep floor for proper surface profile with diamond tooling
  2. Repair cracks, pits, etc. With two component repair product
  3. Stain the floor
  4. Seal with two component  Epoxy (won’t smell you out of your home/business)
  5. Final coat of two component Polyurethane (won’t smell you out of your home/business)

We utilize high performance water based products in most all of our stained concrete applications.  These low VOC products are safe for us and your employees and promise premier durability.