static control coatings

Static control coatings are used in facilities to control and prevent electrostatic damage to products and electronic equipment as well as protecting employees from building up a charge to their person.

Without the proper static control floor coating, facilities that handle sensitive electronic equipment, powders, liquids and other substances that might be sensitive to ESD (Electro Static Discharge)

Our static control epoxy floor coatings offer a seamless surface that is easy to clean and decontaminate as well as being hygienic.  These special finishes are hard-wearing and highly chemical resistant.  Our range of products are in accordance with ESD Association guidelines and offer much more than typical carpet or tile.

Our ESD coating systems our typically chosen by:

  • Data centers
  • Laser and optical centers
  • Computer rooms
  • Semi-conductor production
  • Oil and chemical rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Foodstuffs production
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnoly